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Found: The King of Matsutake Ridge

A documentary short subject that explores the beautiful and intense world of Philip Manganaro, renowned chef, forager, and owner of Park Place Café in Merchantville, NJ. For over a year, a team of award-winning creatives followed Phil to his “wild farms” including his secret Matsutake mushroom site. 

FOUND: The King of Matsutake Ridge captures one man’s evolving artistic mission to forage ephemeral ingredients that no restaurant can buy and his innovative cuisine based on the bounty of the natural world. 

Executive Producer: Anastasia Forde and Steve Forde

Producers: Philip Manganaro and Isaac Forde

Directed by: Anastasia Forde

Co-Production by: Brandeur and Get -Kinetic

Edited by: Isaac Forde

Project Owned and Created by: Phil Manganro and Forde Films

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