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Meet Our Team

We specialize in curating and creating films that we passionately believe are truly exceptional.

Our mission is simple: to bring worthy stories to life through cinematic excellence. 

Join us in celebrating exceptional stories...

Whether you have a story that deserves to be on the silver screen or you seek a partner committed to exceptional storytelling, Forde Films is here to bring your vision to life. Explore our portfolio, meet our team, and let's create something exceptional together. 

Steve Forde

Steve Forde's cinematic journey began in his early years, steeped in the rich history of movies, TV, and cartoons. While others focused on sports and movie stars, Steve was captivated by the creators who brought stories to life.


With a career spanning entertainment, consumer products, IP development, and brand strategy, he's a seasoned creative strategist, director, and producer. Steve is renowned for his ability to infuse creative into technical content, crafting memorable characters and stories that connect with people and balance business goals. Steve's commercial work, utilized globally in sales, education, and special events, reflects his ability to organize narratives that connect product values with consumers.

Steve is also artist, designer, and creator, leveraging his graphical eye to develop original IP and contribute to internationally recognized pop-culture brands. His creative works include award-winning high-end consumer products and original characters have been enjoyed in collectibles, books, magazines, TV, commercials, and film. 


In 2023, Steve partnered with a creative collective, LBO Collective, to create collectible experiences centered around representation utilizing original creations and major licensed brands in movies and television.

Steve Forde is a creative force and a visionary, bringing his passion for character, storytelling, and design to every project he touches. 

Anastasia Forde

Anastasia Forde is a visionary filmmaker celebrated for her ability to find beauty within the shadows of challenging subject matter. Her talent lies in shining a compassionate light on difficult and unexpected themes, evoking profound human emotions that deeply connect with audiences.


In her dual role as a director and producer, Anastasia serves as the driving force behind the creation of impactful cinematic experiences. She orchestrates every facet of the creative process, ensuring that her vision is brought to life on screen with precision and grace. 

What sets Anastasia apart is her unwavering commitment to storytelling that tackles sensitive topics with the utmost sensitivity. Fearlessly exploring the complexities of the human experience, she extracts moments of profound beauty. Her films stand as powerful testaments to the resilience of the human spirit and the potential for transformation in the face of life's challenges.


Anastasia Forde's work is an invitation to delve into the depths of human emotions, offering audiences a chance to explore their own feelings. Through her lens, she illuminates the human experience, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cinema and the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness her creations. With each project, Anastasia continues to prove that true beauty can be discovered, even in the most demanding of narratives.


Isaac Forde

Isaac Forde grew up immersed in the same creative environment. As the eldest child, Isaac sat with his father as he pointed out obscure facts in old films gaining a deep appreciation for classic cinema.

In his own right, Isaac has emerged as an incredible producer, editor, and musician, adding his distinct touch to the world of storytelling.


Isaac's editing prowess shines as he weaves narratives with depth and movement, making deliberate choices in the editing room that elevate good projects to greatness. His keen eye and creative intuition transforms raw footage into captivating, emotionally resonant stories. 

Beyond editing, Isaac is a gifted composer, crafting original music that spans the spectrum from progressive rock to sweeping orchestral scores. His musical compositions serve as the heartbeat of projects, adding layers that linger long after the final frame. Isaac Forde's multifaceted talents are the secret ingredient that transforms creativity into brilliance, leaving an indelible mark on the world of film and storytelling. 

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